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AVVN - Algemeen Verbond van Volkstuinders Verenigingen in Nederland

The AVVN is the national organisation for allotment gardeners and their associations. The main aim of the AVVN is to ensure a trouble free existence for its members. There are approximately 215 associations, federations and branches, spread around the country, varying from small to large and from vegetable garden to ornamental garden joint in the AVVN. In total they represent 27,500 allotment gardener families.

AVVN is committed to natural and socially valuable gardens parks. More nature and recreational opportunities in the city. Healthy living and healthy eating. Contributing to climate improvement in the city.

Allotment gardeners in The Netherlands play a key role in the conservation and improvement of the daily environment in the towns and villages. As no other their allotment gardens and allotment sites offer the opportunity for a harmonious combination of urban parks and gardens, space for outdoor recreation and a healthy environment.

Together with our associations we contribute to a liveable city and a liveable village and we bring people together.

Partly because of this allotment gardening in The Netherlands finds itself in a positive movement.




(Algemeen Verbond van Volkstuinders
Verenigingen in Nederland)

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