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National Verbond van Volkstuinen
Ligue Nationale du Coin de Terre et du Foyer Jardins Populaires

The Belgian national allotment garden federation is a royal society founded in 1896 by reverend L. Gruel and Mr Joseph Goemaere, respectively president and secretary-treasurer of the new society.

The society was constituted as a non-profit making association in accordance with the law dated 27th June 1921.

The national organisation unifies the VZW De Volkstuin - Werk van de Akker en de Haard in Flandres, the ASBL Ligue du Coin de Terre et des Jardins populaires in Southern Belgium and the VZW Verbond Brusselse Volkstuinen en Tuinliefhebbers/ASBL Ligue régionale des Coins de terre et Amateurs d'horticulture of Brussels-capital. In Flandres there are approximately 23.000 members, whereas there are approximately 6.000 in Southern Belgium and 4.500 in Brussels-capital.

The non-profit organisation was dissolved on 1st January 2010 and was replaced by a cooperation agreement. The rules of this cooperation were laid down in a protocol.




National Verbond van Volkstuinen /
Ligue Nationale du Coin deTerre
et du Foyer-Jardins Familiaux

Tuinhier VWZ PAC Het Zuid
Woodrow Wilsonplein 2, B-9000 GENT
Tel: 0032-9-267 87 31
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