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Allotment sites are worth a visit. Here some examples.

The Norwegian allotments

1Etterstad kolonihager, Oslo

Welcome to Etterstad allotment garden which is the smallest in Oslo with 88 allotments. This garden was founded in 1908 and is located in a green area like an "oasis" surrounded by blocks of flats. A lot of activities are organised in the garden during summer, the highlight is the festival in mid- August, where a lot of local culture is presented.

Check out our calendar at our website: Address: Etterstadgata 18 C. Take the bus no 37, in the direction of Helsfyr, to Etterstadgata.
(Photographer of the 5 pictures: Anne C. Eriksen.)


Kongsgården kolonihager, Kristiansand

Welcome to Kongsgården allotment garden. It was founded in 1910, and is located in the south part of Norway, in Kristiansand. In 1939 it was moved from the west part of the town to the east part, where it is located now. The garden has 110 allotments, and 108 of these have a small cabin (max 15sqm). The small allotments and cabins have a variety of shapes, colours and plants. The garden is open for the public from 12 to 16 each day from May to August. The surrounding hospital, nursing homes, kindergartens and other institutions are welcome all year, and use the area as recreation in a safe and nice environment.

Address: Kongsgård allé 61, Kristiansand


3Solvang kolonihager, Oslo

Welcome to Solvang allotment garden which is the newest and largest allotment in Oslo, located on a former farm called Vestre Sogn, divided into five departments with a total of 545 allotments. The decision of the Oslo City Council to create these allotments was made the 27 August 1927. Solvang is located a little north in Oslo and has a fantastic location. Many people live here throughout the whole summer and the place is becoming a small community in the summer months. It is definitely worth a visit.

Address: Nordbergveien 105, Oslo
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4Våland kolonihager, Stavanger

Welcome to Våland allotment garden in Stavanger. Våland is one of four allotment gardens in Stavanger; they were all established in April 1917 and celebrated their 100 years anniversary during the summer 2017. Våland is situated close to the centre of Stavanger, and has 134 allotments. The garden is open during the summer season, from April 1st till September 30th. Sundays there will be a cafe serving coffee etc.

Address: Armauer Hansens gt 34.


Norsk Kolonihageforbund

Norsk Kolonihageforbund, Postboks 1247 Vika,
N-0110, OSLO
Tel.: 0047/94-08 00 90

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