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Congress 2018: Let's move forward

  • Luxembourg
  • 28.03.2018

Table of the executive boardThe yearly congress of the Luxembourgish allotment federation took place on March 25th, 2018. The motto of the congress was "modern statutes for a strong allotment federation". 387 delegates from 86 associations met at that occasion in Crauthem.

Fernand Etgen, minister for agriculture, Carole Dieschbourg, minister for environmental protection and Dan Kersch minister for the interior, many guests and representatives from the administration and partner organisations, as well as Malou Weirich, secretary general of the International Office du Coin de Terre et des Jardins Familiaux, were present.

The main topic was the adaptation of the statutes dating from March 31st 1985 to the current requirements

Part of the invited guestsThe aim thereof is to enable the federation to both work in a more efficient way on an internal level and to be considered on an external level as a competent partner for allotment and environmental questions.

The main characteristics of this reform are:

- The weighting of the voting rights of the different member sections have been redefined.

- The calculation of the number of the delegates of the four regional groupings has been newly regulated.

- The current double mandates of regional president and vice-president were split so as to broaden the executive board. Consequently, the executive board will now be made up by the federation's president, the secretary general, the general treasurer and four vice-presidents, thus seven people to deal with the increasing tasks and current requirements.

Part of the 387 delegatesAfter discussions and explanations given during the preparatory regional assemblies the amendments were adopted with unanimity.

The federation remains, according to its tradition, an agricultural cooperative.

This new instrument should help the well-being of the allotment gardeners and put them in the best position for the future.

Congress of the Luxembourgish allotment federation

  • Luxembourg
  • 12.04.2017

According to a well established tradition the Luxembourgish allotment gardeners met on Palm Sunday, 9th April 2017, for their annual congress.

Foto: Benjamin Marbes 308 delegates from 111 associations met in Diekirch. Fernand Etgen, minister for agriculture and Carole Dieschbourg, minister for environmental protection, representatives from the administration and partner organisations, as well as Malou Weirich, secretary general of the International Office du Coin de Terre et des Jardins Familiaux, were present.

After the statutory requirements and the honouring of deserving members, Marc Fischer made an interesting lecture concerning the campaign against food- waste.

Focussing the attention of the population, the authorities and the media on the allotments is a necessity accompanying us since the foundation of our movement.

The day of the garden, the day of the flower and, as it is called in Luxembourg, "Dag vun der oppener Gaardepärtchen" (open day in the garden) gives once a year the allotment gardeners the possibility to especially highlight the many folded values of the allotments. Consequently, this day has also to be sufficiently visible to reach its aim.

That's why following resolution was adopted with unanimity:

Foto: Benjamin Marbes Open day in the garden:

• Considering the important function of this traditional event organised by the Luxembourgish allotment federation.
• Considering the increased participation of the allotment gardeners in this "open day in the garden".
• Considering the insufficient visibility of this day both for the public in general and for the foreign visitors of the country.

The congress decides:

• To organise, preceding the event, an information campaign including, if possible, the media.
• To seek for a partnership with national and regional responsible people dealing with tourism.

Study session in Luxembourg

  • Luxembourg
  • 30.10.2015

The Office delegates met in Luxembourg from 27th until 30rd August 2015 for this year's study session.

The subject was: "Gardening advice considering sustainability and responsible use of resources".

Rich and interesting discussions took place and will be the basis for the coming international congress in Vienna in 2016.

The federations have received all the documents of the study session, if you want to know more.

As appendix you find the conclusions of the working groups and the study session.

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